Mission Statement:

Provide Education & Awareness by sharing our experiences with Wildlife Sanctuary volunteer positions through community meetings.
Provide Support for Wildlife Facilities through public understanding of the programs they may have available.
Provide Support for interested volunteers by creating a vehicle to participation for those who may not feel comfortable traveling alone.
Provide Photographic Documentation of our organized journeys and make it available in the form of a customized book, fine art, etc.

Back Story:

I was fortunate enough to be part of a photographic group that traveled to Cambodia and worked with various NGOs. I came away from that trip understanding just enough about the plight of Asian elephants to know I needed to find out more. In researching, I discovered there are a number of wildlife sanctuaries in Southeast Asia that host volunteers for a fee, and would expect you to actually work with the animals. With my keen interest in animals, why hadn't I heard of this before? Asking around at the Wildlife Hospital where I volunteer, no one had ever heard of these programs either. I quickly came to the realization that of wildlife sympathetic people, most knew nothing of these opportunities.

I also discovered there are many businesses that will "coordinate" your volunteer activities for a fee. In every situation I checked, it was a very large fee and not itemized - you couldn't see how much extra they were charging for their services. Bottom line: you can do better on your own!

OK, then: “how can I help?" quickly followed by " how can I use photography to help?” were the next questions that needed to be addressed.

An in-depth discussion with fellow photographer Susan Allen and plenty of good coffee led to the birth of Journey Imaged.


...the background image here has Susan trying to capture a Slow Loris that seems more interested in me at the time - at the Endangered Primate Rescue Center, Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam

Other images on this website were taken in Northern & Centeral Thailand, and Cambodia.

Sound Interesting? Consider Joining Us on a Journey You'll Not Soon Forget


We have made numerous trips to South East Asia and volunteered with a number of wildlife programs, all to gather information to share. But we're always looking for additional programs for potential visits. If you know of or have experienced any, we would like to hear from you.

If you are considering any wildlife volunteer program, we would love to hear from you as well.

A short video completed after returning from Thailand - best viewed full screen...


A little longer and somewhat more lively video with many of the images that were not used in the main video
Again, best viewed full screen...


In our experience, volunteer programs vary widely and for multiple reasons. If you are considering a program, please feel free to contact us and we will provide any information we might have or can acquire.





- Founder - born and raised in Northern California, extensive domestic and international travel experience, an engineering background on medical devices. Website: ShutterSet.com. Wildlife Rehabilitator at Lindsay Wildlife Hospital. Primary Photographer for Peter Pan Foundation. Docent and contributing Photographer at the Blackhawk Museum.


- Co-Founder - a native of Hong Kong, educated in the United States, an extensive international travel background and hospital based medical experience. Website: sallenphotography.com. Assistant Photographer for Peter Pan Foundation.


- Co-Conspirator - an award-winning Canadian Photographer with an extensive South East Asia travel background and past veterinary hospital experience. Website: paulawallisphotography.com


- another Co-Conspirator - Australia is home to this passionate street Photographer. An International Traveller with an I.T. background. Website:   BenG Photography




Please email with any interest in our wildlife presentations, questions about our journeys or programs you may be considering, and for information about upcoming events.

While we generally return emails quickly, there may be times when we are traveling and have no ability to respond.



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